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About Rafting

One of the most fabulous ways to truly explore and enjoy the terrains of this great land is to go river rafting through it. If you are truly seeking adventure of a lifetime and want to feel the excitement of taking the raft through unrestricted water current then rafting is for you. What better place to enjoy this fabulous activity than India which is famous for its rivers and scintillating surroundings. You must have explored the famous landscapes of India and watch rivers gushing through valleys but now it's time you feel the real pulse of it. Instead of watching them from afar get in those river and flow with them through marvelous scenery.

Best Places for Rafting

Rafting is among the most popular adventure activities in India and is enjoyed by everyone who lives for a taste of thrill. If you wish to experience this sport then some of the most popular spots that you must visit are:

1. Uttarakhand

One of the best places to truly enjoy the thrills of rafting is Uttarakhand. The state pulls in adventure lovers from all over the country especially to Rishikesh. The Great Ganges serves as the ideal river to try out rafting for beginners as well as those looking for a challenging course. For those looking to push the limit, Tons river is the perfect getaway. Though if you are up for something extreme then go rafting in the Alaknanda River.

2.Himachal Pradesh

Kameng River in Himachal Pradesh is one place for rafting that blows you away not just with its idyllic surroundings but also with its thrilling rapids. Every turn offers something new and interesting on this river making it a memorable one for every adventure seeker. It is ideal for those looking for a good challenging ride. Spiti River is also an ideal destination for river rafting that offers beautiful spectacle of glaciers and quaint villages.

3. Arunachal Pradesh

There is plenty of adventure that one can enjoy in the North East and rafting is one of them. Lohit River that flows in Arunachal Pradesh is one ideal destination to enjoy the thrilling sport of rafting. It is suitable for everyone and offers moderate to challenging rapids. Brahmaputra River on the other hand is only for those who are up for a good challenge.

4. Maharashtra

Kundalika River in Maharashtra is also a fabulous place where you can enjoy this thrilling water sport. In case you are a true lover of adventure and wish to push the limits this place is perfect for you to try out rafting. The amazing scenery makes the experience all the more amazing.

5. Sikkim

Teesta River in Sikkim is not only a wonderful place to enjoy rafting but also offers a splendid view. The beautiful landscapes will take your breath away and the thrilling sport will give you a great adrenaline rush.