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About Horse Safari

When travelling through a land as ancient as India, you have to ditch the usual mode of exploring to go for something unique. Horse safari is not just a very exciting and unique way to see new terrains but is also immensely enjoyable. When you journey through beautiful landscapes of this country just like the original settlers did, then you create a bond and experience that is irreplaceable. Navigating the diverse and ancient land of India aboard four-legged companion makes for an unforgettable adventure. It allows you to feel the real beauty, culture and tradition of the place that would have otherwise stayed concealed.

Best Places for Horse Safari in India

If you love to do things differently and wish to undertake the journey of exploring India in a unique way then horse safari is for you. A lot of people prefer to go on horse safari as it is a thrilling adventure and is immensely fun.

1. Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is a magical box that hides in a lot of color, adventure and a way of life that cannot be found anywhere else. Incredible Rajasthan as it is called has something new to offer with each of its vibrant cities. You would find here ancient ruins, vivacious culture and traditions that would enthrall your senses forever. Exploring all this on a horse gives it all the more interesting twist. It allows you not to just view the past era charm of the place but also live it. The Marwari or Malani is a unique breed of horse native to this land and this is your one chance to ride this glorious steed. You can enjoy horse safari at Pink City Jaipur, The City of Lakes Udaipur, the city of fest Pushkar and also Ranakpur.

> Pick the right season

As fun as Horse riding is, it is not something that can be enjoyed inevery season. You would find harsh weather conditions not suitable to undertake the journey. Being on a horseback leaves you exposed to the blistering heat which is why winters are the best time to enjoy this safari. Winters in Rajasthan last from October to March.

> Know basic horse riding

Horse safari is a great way to explore a place but being on horseback for a long period is not possible without knowing basic skills. You should know when to trot and when to canter.

> Take regular breaks

It is necessary that you take regular rest during horse safari. It is important that you give your four-leggedcompanions proper rest and make sure the animal stays hydrated.