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About Cycling Tours

Did you ever think of not just visiting places in India but thoroughly exploring each of its nook and corner? To see not just the iconic landmarks but take in the beauty of the surroundings, and enjoy an authentic experience of that city. Cycling tour allows you to take the course of the journey in your hand and make every second of it exciting. There could not be a more spectacular way to travel and truly enjoy the culture, lifestyle and ambiance of this country then touring it on a cycle. Apart from being an exhilarating experience, cycling tour gives you a whole new picture of the place you are visiting.

Best Places for Cycling Tours in India

What better way to explore the picturesque and diverse landscape of India then to go cycling through it. In case you are looking to be a part of an exciting tour, then here are some places perfect for such a trip.

1. Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan has perhaps the most colorful culture and tradition in this country. Taking a bicycle tour through the beautiful cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur lets you explore the towering forts, reflective lakes, traditional houses and hear the real heartbeat of these cities.

2. Tamil Nadu

The picturesque city of Chennai has a lot to offer in terms of its architecture, natural abundance and unique culture. A cycling tour is the best way to explore the hidden gems of this beautiful and serene place.

3. Sikkim

The stunning beauty of Sikkim completely encapsulates the heart. What could be a better way to enjoy those stunning views, the tea gardens and getting acquainted with the local inhabitants than a cycling tour through Gangtok and beautiful valleys around?

4. Kerala

The serene destination is famous for its backwaters and back roads which give it a laid-back and tranquil appeal. A cycling tour through Kochi, Munnar and Wayanad lets you explore the tropical greenery, wildlife reserves, and tea and spice plantations.

5. Uttarakhand

The beauty of Rishikesh, Mussoorie and Kumaon is breathtaking as they have the most picturesque Himalayas. These places are an ideal destination for cycling and what better place for such a tour then lush green valleys.

6. Delhi

The city of Delhi is famous for its old world charm and monuments. A cycling tour through Purani Dilli gives you a close look at that magic which is still carefully preserved.

7. Goa

What better way to explore this beautiful place than taking a cycling tour through Divar and Chorao islands.

8. Himachal Pradesh

The beautiful valleys of Himachal are best traversed on a cycle and this is exactly why you should take a cycling tour through Manali, Shimla and Spiti valley.

9. Maharashtra

Taking a cycling tour through the lanes of Mumbai and Pune is possibly the most fun way to feel the pulse of these past paced cities.

10. Jammu and Kashmir

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the gorgeous terrains of Ladakh by taking a cycle tour through them.

11. West Bengal

Explore the majestic beauty of Siliguri as you ride along the rocky and beautiful terrains on your cycle.

12. Karnataka

Bangalore is an absolute fun and vivacious city and the best way to see the beauty of the place is by taking a cycling tour through it. A well known circuit in the city is exploring areas around Jayanagar which covers Koramangala, Indiranagar, Trinity Circle and KH Road.

13. Haryana

Take an exciting cycling journey through the laid back and colorful town of Sohna. The cycling tour covers some spectacular places as you get to explore Aravali valley covering Damadama Lake, Dhauj, Mangar, Badkal Lake and Surajkund.