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About Camel Safari

India offers a very unique way to explore its vast plains which is vastly different from regular forms of travel. You have as yet toured and traveled on a plethora of vehicles be it ship, train, car or bike but imagine the thrill of riding an exotic and decked up animal. This wonderful and exciting way of touring lets you see the true culture and heritage of India which cannot be experienced any other way. This is why camel safaris are such a sought after way to explore the rustic states of India. Navigating your way on the back of the camel is a unique way to explore new places. It also makes for an exciting journey where you get to experience many adventurous things.

Best Places for Camel Safari in India

In case you are really excited about the prospect of undertaking this one of a kind journey then here are some places in India where you can enjoy Camel safari. The idea behind Camel Safari is popular in India and pulls in a lot of people who wish to take this enjoyable ride.

1. Rajasthan

The very thought of camel safari brings to mind the golden sand dunes of Rajasthan. Travelling through the beautiful state with all its glorious architectural ruins and colorful tradition is best done on a camel. You can enjoy camel ride while exploring the gorgeous cities of Pushkar, Bikaner, Mandwa and Jaisalmer.

2. Jammu and Kashmir

It is not just the sandy dunes but also the rugged terrains of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir where you can enjoy the excitement of camel safari. The ride is extremely thrilling and you can see the panoramic view at the vast open Nubra valley. The two humped Bactrian camels are used for this camel safari.

3. Haryana

You can also enjoy camel safari at Damdama Lake, Mangar and Dhauj in Haryana. The place has other attractive activities that are also equally enjoyable.

> Choose the Right Season

Unlike a car or a bus, taking a ride atop a camel certainly provides no shielding from the sun or the rain or in some cases severe cold. So, choose a season that is suitable for you to truly enjoy your camel safari without the weather playing spoil sport.

> Stay Informed

Even camel rides can be exhausting and it is best to know certain things like how long will the ride be for and when will the group be stopping to rest or take a break. Also make sure what all services are being included in the safari such as meals or place to rest and other facilities.

> Carry Supplies

Considering that the camel safari would be a long ride and you will be facing the brunt of nature it is better to come packed with supplies such as water, sunscreen and other things.

Necessary Precautions for Camel Safari

> Choose a reputed agency while booking
> Hold on tight when your camel is kneeling or standing
> Keep your skin covered to avoid harshness of temperature